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Emergency and repair services
Many companies and institutions consider SOL to be a good partner that can help prevent major losses in the event of an accident, as information is transmitted quickly and professional action is taken immediately in the event of an accident.

The company does not need its own foreman, as a real estate company can help you assemble furniture, hang lamps or paint at any time.

How can SOL help customers?

  • Ensuring a normal working environment
  • Restoration of the former situation before the accident
  • Ensuring occupational safety and security, as well as restricting access
  • accident localization
  • making proposals for improving the system and measures to prevent future accidents

We perform all necessary minor repairs:

  • Furniture assembly and repair
  • Replacement of light sources
  • Hanging shelves, pictures and mailboxes, etc. Installation
  • Repair work of doors, windows and closing mechanisms
  • Replacement of taps, mixers and water pipes
  • Fixing and partial repair of surface coatings
  • Replacement of cover plates
  • 24/7 customer service in case of emergency (for customers who have signed a contract)

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