Student, come to work at SOL!

Would you like to concentrate on your studies, but earn some money too? Would you like your working hours to fit around your school schedule? Would you like to gain useful skills for the rest of your life? We can provide all this!


What working for SOL as a cleaner means to you:

  • You choose when, where and how many hours you want to work

  • You gain work experience from one of the biggest international employers in Baltics

  • You earn extra money and always get your salary on time

  • You are our first choice for internship positions (in HR, Accounts, Technicians, Sales etc.)

  • Learn valuable skills, which you will use for the rest of your life.

We can use your cleaning superpowers in places like:

  • Hotels

  • Ferries

  • Hotels

  • Offices

  • Spa centers

  • Airports

“My name is Emili and I am a third year student at a university. I was looking for internship opportunities and chose SOL. I had a chance to work as a hotel maid in my free time. This was a great way to earn some extra money. Now I’m working at SOL as an HR Specialist.”

SOL is international company, which offers property maintenance and supporting services. SOL history begins at 1848 in Finland. SOL is family business, which values and principles are reflected in everyday´s management. We are offering our services in Baltic states, Finland, Sweden, Denmark.

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We believe that ALL students have cleaning superpowers! If you don't know how to use them - don't worry, we will teach you :)

For more information

call us +370 68291737 or email