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SOL Baltics offers property maintenance services in all three Baltic States with an equally high level of quality.

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When a customer has a smiling face, he or she is satisfied with the service. When a customer has a serious face, we need to improve our service. When a customer has a frowning face, we need to make serious changes. SOL Baltics measures its customers’ satisfaction with their smiles. The more smiley faces our customer indicates our survey, the higher his or her level of satisfaction!

We both are satisfied with our result rated at 4.5 smiles out of 5.

Weekly employee training sessions ensure a cleaner result. Read more about how SOL trains its employees.

An INSTA 800 expert group certified by Det Norske Veritas works at SOL, the members of which have the right to carry out internal training sessions, create customer quality profiles, and carry out INSTA quality inspections.

SOL’s whole service provision process is built on LEAN methodology, thereby ensuring its efficiency and quality.

Reviews from our customersRead reviews regarding SOL

SOL is always quick, friendly and helpful! We have been using SOL’s dry cleaning service for many years. The quality of service and work are both excellent!
Jana AivinoLogistika Pluss OÜHuman Resource Specialist
The service is flexible and the team is always open to suggesting different solutions to the customer.
Ivo TombakAS Tartu TurgManaging Director
We have co-operated with SOL for over 15 years, and we have only good things to say about them.
Elina LViking Line AbpManager of Cleaning Works