Benefits of using INSTA 800

12. November 2020

SOL Latvia is participating in the project Cost Effective, Need Based Cleaning – INSTA 800. As part of the project, all partners have created guidelines using the INSTA800 Standard from seven European Countries.

All project partners together have compiled a list of benefits that service providers and service buyers can get when choosing to use INSTA 800.

Service buyers:

  • Fewer complaints – The workload of service buyers has been reduced due to fewer complaints and less time taking care of cleaning-related issues.
  • Better indoor air quality with dust monitoring
  • Property value – Cleanliness monitoring also plays a role in preserving the value of a property.
  • Other problems outside the service are solved as well – Because information is collected systematically, problems outside the service are also solved (discovering that something needs to be repaired, room users should be prudent, special cleaning needs to be performed, etc.).

Service providers:

  • Reducing the need for corrective action – The know-how to do the right things at the right time. For example, shortcomings can be eliminated before a customer becomes dissatisfied with the quality of cleanliness.
  • Knowledge is transferred – The knowledge of the INSTA 800 object is also transferred to other objects where there is no INSTA 800. The basic principle – cleaning creates purity, not the cleaning activity – can be applied in all rooms.
  • Raising the profile of the cleaning service – The appreciation of the customer can be seen; the expertise of the cleaning service is recognized.

Read what SOL Latvia Country Manager Kurmer Vasser has to say about using INSTA 800:

INSTA 800 creates the foundation for a trusting partnership between customer and service provider because it is possible to agree and describe the consequences of a breach of trust. INSTA 800 usage requires an informed customer, who values cleanliness and is ready to invest time and energy in achieving it, with the aim of saving time and nerves in resolving possible disputes and misunderstandings.

To the cleaning supervisor, it is giving complete vision about object cleaning, results of the work, and possible improvements. It is easier to instruct cleaning personnel, as expectations for results are agreed upon and described in the quality profile.

With INSTA800 it is easy to control the quality of service and give feedback to cleaning personnel, as quality requirements are the same during the entire contract period and do not depend on the identity of the inspector.

It is easier to calculate the service price because a customer´s expectations regarding the quality and content of the service are specifically described.

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