SOL extends in Lithuania and connects the utility maintenance and cleaning service businesses

18. February 2021

UAB Yglė pastatų valdymas (YPV), the leading engineering systems maintenance company in Lithuania, is entering the business line of cleaning services and will continue operating under the name SOL Baltics, UAB as an independent enterprise within a Finnish group of companies after 15th February 2021.

Since late September, YPV, which mainly specialized in the maintenance of engineering systems in supermarkets, hotels, stores, healthcare and production facilities as well as other real estate units in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Panevėžys, Šiauliai, Ukmergė, Visaginas, Alytus and Utena, has been a part of the SOL Group. This transaction provided YPV access to know-how and an opportunity to start a business in the sphere of cleaning services.

“Until the end of 2020, we kept operating in the maintenance of engineering systems, our traditional line of business, and despite the unprecedented situation in the market, the year was good. We are lucky that the main part of our client portfolio was not so much affected by pandemic restrictions and we were able continuously to provide our services. 2020 required lots of concentration and teamwork and do feel thankful for every employee for their devotion and effort.” said Agnė Grendelė, the head of the company.

“New projects and renewal of existing client’s contracts have been a part of the past four months. The biggest challenge came in February when we started rendering services to IKI, a retail chain of more than 250 stores operating all over Lithuania, and our work covers regular maintenance of engineering systems as well as special works on engineering equipment in half of them. At the same time, we are more and more actively involved in the process of selling our service to clients who want engineering system maintenance and cleaning services in one package. Our group can provide both at a high level of quality, so we have decided to combine SOL’s competencies in cleaning with YPV’s competencies,” added Grendelė.

A. Grendelė states that the SOL management philosophy is based on sustainable development and continuous improvement. The group invests up to 2% annually into the development of employees’ professional competencies, and also strives for the quality and efficiency of cutting-edge technology-based services. “These are the main arguments that let us believe that with SOL we can do more than just to expand our service basket,” she said.

Having been the coordinator behind YPV’s cooperation with SOL, Agnė Grendelė will continue as the CEO of SOL Baltics, UAB. Besides Grendelė, another addition to the management from YPV’s team is Audrius Zukas, the Head of Sales and Customer Service. The company will also have new managers for the Facility maintenance department and the Cleaning department.

“We see in the company led by Agnė Grendelė’s the enormous commitment and desire for development. Good workers must get good tools, so our first investment was to provide all 35 utility maintenance teams with new Volkswagen Caddy vans,” said Rinel Pius, the CEO of SOL Baltics.

As a result of joining the group, SOL Baltics UAB will become a cleaning and facility maintenance company with an annual turnover of 3.5 million euros and 200 employees. SOL Baltics are the market leader in the sphere of cleaning services and facility maintenance in Estonia and Latvia.

Further information:
Rinel Pius
CEO of SOL Baltics, UAB

SOL Baltics
SOL Baltics provide cleaning, safety, and amenity services for workplace environments and public spaces, including real estate management and laundry services, in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. The company employs 2300 people, and its annual turnover amounts to nearly 30 million euros.

SOL Baltics is a part of SOL Group, one of the oldest and largest family-owned enterprises in Finland. SOL was established in 1848 and is currently run by the fourth generation of the family. SOL Group had a total turnover of 326 million euros in 2019 and more than 14,000 employees. The company operates in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Baltics, and Russia.