SOL Baltics and Telia: to a new level with comprehensive service

24. August 2023

In the past five years, SOL Baltics has undergone a significant transition to Telia’s comprehensive services, ushering in a revolution in the management of the company’s IT needs. This shift focuses not only on solving issues but also on preventing them. Formerly, IT services obtained from small firms have now been replaced with an efficient partnership with Telia.

Before collaborating with Telia Eesti OÜ, SOL used small firms to provide personalized consultation. However, this approach became unsustainable as problems escalated and service provider switches became frequent, prompting a shift in strategy.

Telia introduced innovative ideas tailored to meet SOL Baltics’ unique requirements. They demonstrated the capability to not just resolve issues but also anticipate them, mirroring SOL’s proactive approach in their domain. The partnership with Telia now extends across all Baltic states.

The new approach yielded numerous advantages. SOL Baltics freed up server space, resulting in savings on expansion and upgrade costs. Telia’s comprehensive service now encompasses hardware as well, ensuring robust protection against cyber threats.

Collaboration with Telia streamlined operations: new tools are promptly accessible, access protocols are simplified, and configuring computers for new employees is automated. Initial skepticism about Telia’s support service has transformed into trust and improved computer literacy among employees.

These achievements underscore how SOL Baltics and Telia have united their strengths to elevate the company to new heights. For more details, delve into the extended article on how SOL has triumphed with Telia’s comprehensive service and how their collaboration has led to greater success. Learn more here.