A clean and orderly outdoor space is your company’s calling card

Outdoor cleaning

The first impression of a company is already established before entering a building.

A snow-free yard, mowed grass, trimmed hedges, clean parking lot and walkways –
All this, among other factors, creates a first impression of the company for the customer, and also determines, whether he or she would want to return.

Seasonal recommendations for outdoor maintenance works:

  • cleaning roofs of snow and icicles
  • snow removal and de-icing
  • transportation of snow
  • brushing works of roads and parking areas
  • maintenance of green areas
  • planting flowers
  • maintenance of playgrounds
  • weed and moss removal
  • cleaning of entrance grilles
  • de-icing
  • cleaning and maintenance of drainpipes and roof
  • collection and transportation of leaves
  • cleaning of exterior facades
  • lawn mowing and trimming
  • hedge trimming
  • arborist services
  • weed and moss removal

Who use our services?

What do they think about the solution?

Heiki MäesaluSaint Gobain Glass Estonia SEHead of Administration

We have had a partnership with SOL for already 8 years. SOL maintains our three factories: at our manufacturing and office facilities in Tartu, Mäo and Elva.

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Ivo TombakAS Tartu TurgManaging Director

The service is flexible and the team is always open to suggesting different solutions to the customer.

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What does the outdoor maintenance service of SOL ensure?

  • An orderly and safe territory
  • Compliance with the property maintenance rules and avoidance of fines
  • Hoisting of the flags and, where necessary, their renewal
  • Organising the garbage collection and maintaining the area around the containers
  • Providing consultations regarding waste management

All buildings are surrounded by an exterior territory. Sometimes, it may be a simple walkway, but generally it is still a larger parking area, different green areas and ramps with entrances. For the customer it is natural that the parking area is clean – the snow has been removed, the dustbins have been emptied, the lawn has been mowed, the trash and the leaves have been collected, de-icing has been performed, etc. All of this is usually done by SOL’s janitors at the early morning hours.

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At the most busy locations, the janitor must be present throughout the day or at different “rush-hours”. A janitor ensures that all of the entrances and walkways of the building would be clean and accessible. Also, that the waste storage houses would be clean, and that the waste would be thrown into the dedicated containers.

The removal of winter snow always depends on the customer’s wishes. Both on-call as well as order-based services are available. If the cleanliness of the parking areas is important, then it is prudent to select the on-call service, so that the snow would be removed already in the early night hours. In case the volume of snow is very hight, SOL can also arrange for the transportation of the snow from the territory.

In spring, the parking areas and walkways are covered in a thick layer of dust, sand and gravel. Usually, all of this dirt is carried inside the building with shoes, which is why the floorings wear faster, and there may be a need to increase the frequency of the maintenance cleaning and add additional door mats. To keep the wintertime dirt from “moving” into the building, SOL provides washing services for parking areas, parking buildings and walkways using specialised machinery. These machines wash, brush and finally suck away the dirt.  At parking buildings, it is also recommended to perform regular washing works in the winter.

Mowed lawns, maintained flowerbeds and trimmed bushes, all this can be ordered with SOL’s janitorial service. Lawn-mowing is performed with the agreed upon frequency, but not less frequently than twice a month. The autumn leaves are collected either mechanically or manually, depending on the need.

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