Cleaning services that have been praised by customers

Cleaning Services

SOL Baltics develop a solution based on the customer’s need and desire that creates a value suitable for the customer.

Each customer is special, so the cleaning services offered are personal and well thought out.

The cleaning staff trained in our training center help to meet the customer’s wishes. Each year, SOL invests more than 2% of its turnover in the development of its employees. On average, it takes 12,000 hours of training per year. The training center teaches cleaning staff the basics of cleaning, the use of mops, machines, and substances, work ergonomics, occupational safety, and customer service. SOL believes that a well-trained employee is committed and keeps the customers prudently in order.

Recommendations for interior cleaning according to the seasons:

  • Add more door mats and change them more often
  • Clean higher surfaces (that you can´t reach)
  • Wash windows
  • Wash showcase glasses
  • Deep clean and maintenance of floors
  • Make general cleaning
  • Add door mats
  • Wash windows
  • Clean furniture
  • Make general cleaning
  • Wash windows (schools, factories etc).

Who are using our services?

What do they think of the solution?

Triinu RandojaTelia Eesti ASAdministrator of Buildings

Telia has had a long-term co-operation relationship with SOL, and currently, SOL is also a key partner at our new head office – SOL’s lovely cleaners help to keep our office clean and comfortable, our coffee machines working, fresh newspapers on the corners of our desks, and our flowers properly watered.

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Edvin SikkDS Smith Packaging DivisionPurchasing Manager

Our SOL contact person is very active and positively minded. Each problem is quickly and satisfyingly resolved.

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What value does the SOL cleaning service provide to customers?

  • Clean work environment
  • Healthy and happy workers
  • Longer lasting surfaces
  • Quick solutions for unexpected situations
  • Environmental friendliness
  • You can focus on your main activity
  • Solutions according to your needs

The company’s cleaning staff have all undergone special training to enable them to apply ergonomically good working practices and to use suitable tools and cleaners for surface coatings. SOL invests every year 2% of turnover in employee training to ensure their professionalism, dedication, and efficiency.

The cleaning agents used to provide the service are equipped with a “Swan” or “ECO” label. In addition, SOL also uses an innovative, non-chemical cleaning method that does not cause allergies, but effectively removes dirt. The cleaning machines are selected according to the customer’s room sizes, surface coatings, and ease of use. All machines are also equipped with the “ECO” label.

Ensuring customer satisfaction and acceptable quality is crucial to SOL. In cooperation with the customer, periodic satisfaction surveys and quality control are carried out, the results of which are used to improve day-to-day work. Each object has its own personal contact person who maintains both customer relations and smooth work organization.

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In addition to daily cleaning services, daily cleaning services, major clean-up, and special cleaning works are also provided. Maintenance cleaning usually takes place outside the customer’s working hours either in the early morning or evening hours. By agreement with the customer, it is also possible to carry out work during working hours. SOL Baltics offer a daytime cleaning service in order to ensure the cleanliness of the building during the day, collecting dropped garbage, disposing of garbage, keeping the dirt mat clean, washing a single glass wall or window, adding hygiene accessories, picking up coffee cups or washing dishes in the kitchen corner. To ensure quality, the service is provided at a minimum twice a week

As many cleaning companies provide the service locally, SOL’s cleaning service is available everywhere in Estonia and the Baltics. The major branches of the company are located in Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu, Jõhvi, Riga, and Vilnius, providing the customer with local service and prompt response. SOL carries out cleaning services at offices, office and industrial buildings, educational establishments, warehouses, retail spaces, areas requiring special permits, ships, hotels, sports facilities, and anywhere else where companies want to keep the cleanliness.

SOL Baltics also offers other additional services to help the customer to deal with their core business and to lessen the burden of upkeep of the building. The company’s cleaning service also includes rent of dirt mats, sale and supplementing of toiletries, mediation of waste disposal services, sorting of waste, watering of flowers, etc. Dirt mats help keep the entrances clean and representative and, if you wish, have the option of choosing special personal design mats for each company.

SOL anticipates customer needs and offers innovative solutions.

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