Electricity handling

Operating an electrical installation means activities to keep the electrical installation functional, primarily involving switching, controlling, inspecting, maintaining and performing electrical and other works. The operation plan of an electrical instillation is a document or set of documents prescribing the procedures and actions to keep the electrical installation functional and to perform switching, controlling, inspecting and maintenance of the electrical installation.

  • The person in control of an electrical installation prepares the operating plan of the electrical installation and inspects its following
  • Performing operating works pursuant to the law
  • Visually inspecting part of the electrical installation, monitoring its cleanness.

Inspecting the electricity distribution equipment and switchboards:

  • Verifying the existence of stickers and markings, safety signs
  • Verifying the existence of electrical schematics of switchboards, and their conformity to the actual situation
  • Monitoring the vibration and noise of contactors and relays
  • Looking for possible heating signs
  • Inspecting the tightness of contacts
  • Inspecting the state of protective switches
  • Inspecting the state of cable markings and their conformity to the actual situation
  • Inspecting the conformity of protective equipment to requirements
  • Inspecting the state of nut-and-bolt connections
  • Verifying the existence of all necessary earthling leads and inspecting their state
  • Inspecting the cleanliness of switchboards and equipment during operating works, cleaning them if necessary

Lighting installation:

  • Inspecting the state of luminaires and light sources, replacing light sources if necessary
  • Inspecting the function of lighting control gear and the timely switching of luminaires
  • Monitoring the cleanness of luminaires and making suggestions for tidying them

Power cables and earthling installation:

  • Visually inspecting the installation and making suggestions for tidying it
  • Inspecting the tightness of cable end contacts, tightening them if necessary
  • Inspecting programmable timers and electricity consumption meters
  • Visually inspecting accuracy of programmable timers
  • Verifying the existence of seals
  • Visually inspecting the state of electricity consumption meters
  • Keeping and filling an inspection journal
  • Maintaining the lightning protection system pursuant to the law
  • Operating the safety lighting system and testing the leak current protection system pursuant to the law; performing maintenance works
  • Performing electrical measurement and technical inspections

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