Cleaning based on INSTA quality levels. Factors affecting cleaning time.

19. August 2022

SOL Baltics in Latvia is part of Cost Effective, Need Based Cleaning INSTA 800 project. As part of the project, the partners have prepared a report “Cleaning based on INSTA 800 quality levels. Factors affecting cleaning time.”

The report was created based on the results of time measurements to determine how soiling and the desired level of cleanliness affect the cleaning time.

Time measurements were made in five standard rooms: office, toilet, classroom, corridor, and staircase. Office room measurements were conducted in both hard and textile floor rooms. Over 800 time measurements were made in Estonia, Finland, Latvia and Sweden to compile this report.

As a result, the measurements not only highlighted the effects of soiling and desired quality level on cleaning time, but also revealed the importance of understanding the core of the standard, identifying dirt, and the value of cleaning expertise.

The obtained data can be used as the basis for analyzing how much raising the quality level increases the cost of cleaning, because work costs make up the biggest share of cleaning costs.

The measurements also revealed factors that can reduce cleaning costs from both the customer and supplier perspective.

Click HERE to read the full report in English.

Report in Estonian.

Report in Swedish.

Report in Latvian.