Clean windows let the sunshine in

The best results are achieved with specialised works that are performed at the right time. Windows should be washed at least twice a year – in spring and in autumn – but also more frequently, where necessary.

It is recommended to perform the cleaning of the soft furniture and the carpets in summer, when the humidity is lower and the materials dry faster. SOL Baltics recommends to plan the performance of specialised works ahead early, so that you could focus on your main activities with a peace of mind during the high season.

How can SOL help you?

  • Cleaning of windows, window frames and glass walls
  • Cleaning of Roman blinds
  • Cleaning of electrical devices
  • Cleaning of higher edges and surfaces on doors and wardrobes (over 1.80 m)
  • Cleaning of leather, soft and semi-soft furniture
  • Dry and wet cleaning of walls
  • General cleaning of different floorings (impregnation, polishing, crystallisation)

The specialised cleaning works include deep-washing and protective treatment of floors, carpet wash and chemical wash of carpets, washing of glass surfaces (glass partition walls, etc.) and windows, extensive cleaning of sanitary surfaces, works outside of reach, etc. In addition, the specialised cleaning works include the cleaning of furniture, which means the cleaning of plastic, leather and textile furniture. For instance, this is necessary in offices and hospitality businesses, which have much furniture and different users. It is possible to clean sofas and beds, for which reason a separate sofa washing service is performed etc.

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The service range of SOL Baltics includes floor waxing, which is widely used, but especially popular in Pärnu, Riga and Vilnius. Floor waxing is performed on linoleum, PVC and stone floors to protect them and ensure a longer “lifespan”. By deep cleaning and treating the floors with a protective wax, you ensure a higher efficiency of daily maintenance cleaning and the easier maintenance of the surfaces in the future. Certainly, the deep cleaning and the protective wax treatments of the floors play a significant role in the extending of the lifespan of the floors, since the protective wax stops the accumulation of significant dirt as well as the wearing of the floor surfaces.

In addition to interior works, SOL Baltics also offers several exterior works, e.g. the cleaning of drainpipes and the removal of graffiti. SOL Baltics’ modern technical equipment, experiences and know-how of the staff permit us to perform all of the specialised cleaning works in accordance with the quality requirements that are in line with the prominence of the object.

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