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SOL Responsibility Report

As a large international company, we take care of our employees, customers, surrounding society and natural environment. Responsibility at SOL means that we are an economically strong company that bases its operations on the company’s values ​​and takes into account important stakeholders when setting goals.

SOL Responsibility Report 2022

SOL Responsibility Report 2019

Code of Conduct for SOL business partners

SOL Baltics aims to provide its customers with responsible, high-quality services, which is why we select the people who have the same high level of ethical behaviour as SOL and who value the safety and health of employees and the importance of environmentally friendly activities as our suppliers, subcontractors and other interest parties.

Responsible business is important for SOL. We implement an integrated quality, environmental protection and work environment management system in SOL that meets the requirements of the standards of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

We have developed procurement requirements aimed at ensuring that contracts are concluded with the cooperation partners who adhere to the principles of sustainable and responsible business, as we do.

Check out the Code of Conduct for SOL business partners here:

Code of Conduct for SOL business partners