Additional virus preventing cleaning of contact surfaces

17. March 2020

Constant washing of hands and cleaning of contact surfaces is definitely the best method for virus prevention. Disinfectants are effective only if these are sprayed on the previously cleaned surfaces.

SOL Baltics has developed additional service for preventive cleaning of contact surfaces for the offices, production units as well as all other commercial areas. The similar service is currently applied by e.g. Telia and ChemiPharm where an additional cleaning employee has been added to the team to clean the contact surfaces for eight hours a day.

The common practice involves the cleaning of the majority of contact surfaces in the course of daily maintenance cleaning, but the interim cleaning is not performed within a day.

What are the contact surfaces?

Doorknobs, touch sensitive screens, self-service consoles, handles of shopping trolleys, switches, armrests of chairs, lift buttons, toilet bowl push buttons, handrails, taps, meeting table surfaces, paper and soap dispensers, coffee machines, handles of kitchen cupboards etc – in other words, all surfaces that many people repeatedly touch.

What does SOL Baltics provide?

• Additional cleaning of contact surfaces according to agreed frequency.
• Minimum order – 2 successive working hours a day.
• The final price depends on the volume of service. The more successive working hours, the more favorable the hourly price.

Please contact the service manager of SOL Baltics for using the service or address SOL sales department on phone +370 69836128 or e-mail

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