SOL is participating in an International project of INSTA800

21. February 2020

SOL Baltics (Latvia) got offered an amazing opportunity to be one of the partners in an International project Cost Effective, Need Based Cleaning – INSTA800 (2019-1-EE01-KA202-051703-01) is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

The project will last from 1 September 2019 until 30 August 2022.

The project will have 3 main outcomes:

1. Mapping the INSTA800 user experience, highlighting positive experiences and misuses of the standard, what they have caused and what can be learned from them. The principles of use of INSTA800 will be prepared on the basis of this and will be publicly accessible in English and in the languages of all partner countries. We believe that this will benefit the new users of the standard, and experienced users of the standard can learn from the experience of other countries.

2. We will prepare cleaning time matrices for five standard rooms, considering the level of dirt before cleaning and the quality standard to be achieved. 1200 cleaning tests will be carried out for this purpose in several countries to ensure that the times are reliable. A frequently asked question is by how much the selection of quality level 3 instead of 4 affects the cleaning time and the price. We hope that the cleaning time matrices will give objective answers to this question.

3. Efficient training programmes and methods for INSTA800 knowledge levels 2, 3 and 4. We will also carry out experimental training in spring 2022. We hope to come up with the most efficient ways of teaching standard users to contribute to the efficient use of the standard.

Project partners:
Puhastusekspert (Estonia, leading partner)
SOL Baltics (Latvia)
SSTL Puhtausala ry (Finland)
Solar ehf (Iceland)
Borago Konsult AB (Sweden)
Glad Consulting A/S (Denmark)

If you are interested in efficient cleaning that focuses on results, than keep in touch with the activities of the project on project Facebook page and website.